Liz Cardwell

I can hear Jan now, “All I hear about is how great Matcha is at everything. It’s always Matcha, Matcha, Matcha!” Wait, am I remembering that correctly? Anyway, it’s true. Let’s talk about what matcha is and why Jan is so envious of it.

Matcha has been around for centuries, beginning in China and then taking Japan by storm. Read more about its journey here. Because it is shade grown for the last three weeks before harvest, the amount of chlorophyll in its leaves is supercharged. This method of growing also stimulates the production of amino acids, such as theanine, which gives matcha its calming effect.

The amount of chlorophyll is important to note since it is a powerful detoxifier. Add the fact that matcha has 137 times the number of polyphenols in green tea, plus caffeine, you can see why this green beauty has won over the skincare community.

Try out these great recipes with your green goddess of goodness:

  • Mix into a thin paste with distilled water for an under eye treat.
  • Prepare as above, but add a tiny pinch of turmeric for extra brightening.
  • Mix into a thick 50/50 clay/matcha paste to use as a spot treatment (unlike your usual face masks, let this one dry completely).
  • To hydrate winter skin, try mixing matcha with mashed banana and a splash of coconut water.

Find organic matcha in our Tea Amo dry face mask.

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