Helpful Use Tips

Using Powdered Cleansers

Liz Cardwell

Powdered cleansers may still seem foreign, despite their rise in popularity. It can certainly feel strange to imagine cleansing your skin with a powder, but it’s a wonderful idea. A good powdered cleanser (or cleansing grain), can offer gentle physical exfoliation without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Cleansing is a crucial step in skincare and keeping your skin’s acid mantle intact should be a top priority. A properly formulated powdered cleanser can clean, nourish, and protect skin without drying. Also, because powdered cleansers are anhydrous, they are more stable, therefor they have a longer shelf life than pre-activated...

Using Face Masks

Liz Cardwell

When it comes to keeping skin in top shape naturally, drinking enough water and sticking to a regular face mask routine can be key. You don’t have to do the same mask over and over – your skin will love a variety of nutrients, so don't be afraid to get creative and add some kitchen ingredients to the mix! Why should you have a regular face mask routine? A face mask that is properly executed can remove excess oil, feed your skin vitamins and minerals, and improve the appearance of your pores. If you are one of the many maskers...

Using Face Serums

Liz Cardwell

Long thought of as the root of all problems face related, oil is becoming skin’s hero of the day. A pure, unadulterated oil can do so much – and so many things – for your skin. Let’s start with the basics of why. Face oils offer hydration and are a wonderful source of fatty acids and anti-oxidants. That’s probably reason enough to use them, right? Well, they can also balance oil production, meaning using oil properly can keep you from getting oily. I know. Face oils also have the ability to cleanse skin without disturbing the acid mantle (you want that...