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Blue Skies Ahead Face Serum

Blue Skies Ahead Face Serum

Our marula oil is cold pressed from Swaziland, where marula thrives without the use of pesticides. It is wild harvested and fair trade practices ensure it directly benefits the people of the area in a sustainable way. This nourishing oil contains a high amount of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Where marula oil differs from other oils is in it's molecule size. Since the molecules are much smaller than other hydrating oils, they absorb deeper and more easily into your skin. This can give you a matte finish that performs wonderfully under makeup! Marula oil is high in oleic acid, making it a top choice for dry skin.

What gives our Blue Skies Ahead serum its edge is pure German chamomile essential oil. Chamazulene, the chemical compound that gives the oil its beautiful color, is strongly anti-inflammatory and very soothing to skin. It can also minimizes the appearance of broken capillaries.

Two mindful and purposeful ingredients:

  • Cold Pressed Marula Nut Oil
  • Pure German Chamomile Essential Oil

To use, apply 1 to 3 pumps of serum to clean hands and gently massage into clean skin (if using toner, apply toner first). This serum is perfect for day or night use.

This 1 ounce glass bottle with a treatment pump will yield over 280 pumps (seriously, we counted, it was brutal). That's about 3 months worth assuming daily use of no more than 3 pumps.

As with any product containing essential oils, always check with your doctor if you are pregnant or have a medical condition before use.

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The Granola Goat is proud to be registered with Leaping Bunny and PETA as cruelty free! All of our products are vegan.

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